A line of grape cosmetics with beneficial and antioxidant properties for an authentic wellness experience at our facilities or in your home.

Made with must, grape seeds and other grape by-products from our cellar thanks to the precious collaboration with the Aulina company of Racconigi

Aulina | Produzione e vendita cosmetici naturali

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NATURAL SOAP with nebbiolo grapes with grape seed oil and crushed seeds 

100g € 7,00

LIQUID HAND SOAP with nebbiolo grape must, grape seed oil, silk hydrolate and glycerin

250 ml € 11,50

SHOWER SOAP with riesling grape must, grape seed oil, silk hydrolate and glycerin

250 ml € 12,50

DELICATE SHAMPOO with riesling grape must and Roman chamomile hydrolate

250 ml € 13,00

REGENERATING SALTS FOR PEDILUVIO/AROMATIC BATH with barbera lees, tartrates and raw salts

580 g € 18,00

EXFOLIATING SCRUB GEL with chardonnay grape must, barbera lees, grape seeds and crushed hemp seeds

100ml  €  20,50

GRAPE VINE OIL from nebbiolo grapes and marigold extract

50ml € 28,00

FLUID CREAM with nebbiolo grape must, extracts of mallow and calendula, grape seed oil

250 ml € 20,50

ROOM FRAGRANCE Aria di Riesling

200 ml € 35,00