Welcome to the farm
Diego Pressenda.

We are a family made up of three generations who grow up, confront each other, work and live in this great reality: four sons and a son-in-law who take care of the management of the winery and the farm, the father who runs the farm with his mother, grandparents of eight little grandchildren.

Silvia Pressenda: oenologist Diego Pressenda ssa
Oscar Pressenda: salesman Diego Pressenda ssa
Alessandra Pressenda: chef at La Torricella holiday farm
Francesco Celia: manager of La Torricella holiday farm
Annalisa Pressenda: fphysiotherapist, winery spa manager
Rosanna Mosso: grandmother
Diego Pressenda: farm manager

Being in one's own home every day requires a great deal of responsibility in terms of choices and decisions, but allows one to experience every satisfaction and emotion in person.

The agritourism with rooms and restaurant was founded in 2010 as an activity connected to the wine production farm. Today, thanks to our training, experience and the territory that hosts us, we offer taste, well-being, knowledge and emotions. Our great passion in the cultivation of the vine and in the production of wine will accompany our guests on a pleasant day in our company to enjoy the immense value of the territory, a Unesco heritage site, walking through the vineyards;

  • taste our wines in combination with the flavours of our cuisine
  • pamper yourself in our spa with wellness treatments and massages and our grape cosmetics
  • purchase wines directly from our production cellar


Environmental sustainability is a fundamental concept for us and is at the heart of our philosophy of production but also of hospitality.
Our commitment is to safeguard these places, which must continue to be unique and maintain their high value over time, both for us producers and for all those who use our territory to experience emotions.
In keeping with this philosophy, our company has had

  • sustainable agriculture certification since 2014 for vineyard management and winemaking
  • uses electricity produced by photovoltaic panels,
  • chooses to save water and sensitizes its guests to a conscious use of this precious resource
  • limits the use of plastics and chooses recycled materials